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4 Reasons why Storytelling is so Important for Learning


At The Edge, we believe stories are one of the most powerful tools available. Stories have the ability to teach us a new idea, make connections between audiences and most importantly, have the power to drive change. If you’ve seen our films, you’ll know that each one tells a story.

Storytelling stimulates our brain, as we connect with the message we not only absorb the information but feel the emotion too. And in today’s digital age, they have just as much influence over us as ever.

As we process the meaning of what we’re watching, our ability to transport ourselves into the moment as if it were real, makes us feel empathy, embarrassment, happiness, even pain, as though it were our own playing out in real life.

In eLearning, results are everything. Typically learning projects have a clearer focus on learning objectives than campaign or communications work. Any film that is part of a learning interaction (elearning or face to face) needs to serve one or more of the agreed objectives – obviously – but also connect with learners.

For film to help deliver on a learning projects objectives – to make learners know, think, feel or do something different, it needs to be effective. And that’s where storytelling comes in.

Here are 4 reasons why storytelling through film allows eLearning to be more engaging:

Stories evoke emotion – We can recall a scene from a film and how it made us feel emotionally with far greater accuracy than we can recall a lesson from an exercise or learning sheet.

Stories persuade – A compelling story connects with us on a deeper level driving the content much deeper into our psyche as we attach to the subject on an emotional level. This helps retention.

Stories bring context – Mirroring reality makes it easier to deliver complex information, highlight challenging situations or reveal the subtleties of bias. Playing to all the senses, the viewer is much invested in what they are watching and have greater comprehension of the topic being delivered

Stories provide interaction – Engagement can be as simple as the narrator or lead in a film turning and asking for your opinion during a scene, or in online based learning, the user making a choice at designated moments to drive the narrative. Drawing the viewer into the moment adds comprehension/understanding of what’s happening in order to try and make the ‘right’ decision


– What we offer

Leveraging the power of storytelling in eLearning is highly effective at driving change. We’re emotional beings and through scenarios and stories that highlight the message we want people to understand, we can really change the face of learning.

We’ve produced many learning films for a number of companies across a variety of sectors such as Banking & Finance, Consultancy, Energy and Transport. We can provide a complete learning programme with film, interactive tools and materials, deliver assets alongside a learning provider or work with your internal team to simply produce the film elements. There’s many ways we can work with you on Learning projects.

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