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5 Reasons to promote your company films on LinkedIn (or let us do it for you)

LinkedIn is far more than a place to snoop on old school friends’ career choices or look for your next job, it’s one of the most effective places to promote your film online, but what makes it so good?


The ability to reach B2B audience

LinkedIn is a social media platform created for business professionals, so it’s common sense that it is the platform to advertise on if you’re looking to reach this audience with your latest film or business offering. It may be the most niche and one of the smallest of the big social media companies, but LinkedIn still boasts an impressive 575 million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users so it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.


Highly targeted advertising capabilities

The targeting abilities on LinkedIn are really very impressive. Not only can you target job sectors, but job roles, skills, seniority, and even individual companies and email addresses. If you have a film which you want the President of The Walt Disney Company to see, you can set up the targeting to do that. This level of specificity shouldn’t be wasted, and any creative or copy used in the ads you run on LinkedIn should have the target audience in mind.


Delivers views, engagement and awareness

Like video advertising on other platforms, promoting a film on LinkedIn will increase the number of views, engagement and overall awareness your film receives among your target audience. This has many benefits including increased brand recognition, click-throughs and conversions.


Best conversion rates

Talking of conversions, the real value of LinkedIn advertising is demonstrated by its superior conversion rate. The average conversion rate for LinkedIn ads is an impressive 6.1%, compared to 4.7% for Facebook, 3.1% for Instagram, 2.9% for Pinterest and 0.9% for Twitter. Not bad.


Bigger ROI potential, but at a price

LinkedIn advertising is usually quite a bit more expensive than YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but advertisers really benefit from the high-level targeting abilities and the professionally minded pool of people that LinkedIn attracts, as shown by the 6.1% conversion rate.


If you’re looking to reach business professionals in any field, LinkedIn advertising should absolutely feature in your campaign strategy. We’ve been creating and promoting films for years, so if you’re unsure where to start, why not hire the experts? Get in touch



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