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7 Reasons to seed your film

Seeding your film is, essentially, the strategic process of spreading it across the Internet, beyond your website and social pages. But why should you be doing it? Here are 7 reasons:


1. Raise awareness

You’ve got a brilliant new film, it tells the story of your brand or campaign perfectly, you and your colleagues are thrilled with it, it’s been uploaded to your website and shared on your social channels and your followers’ reactions have been wholly positive. But a brilliant new film shouldn’t just remain there, it should be seen and celebrated far and wide! By seeding your film to relevant websites, blogs and influencers, we can spread awareness far beyond its normal reach.


2. Increase views and engagement

Spreading your film, particularly across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, will increase the number of views and engagements (likes, shares, comments) it receives. This can, of course, be done through paid promotion, but it can also be done using seeding tactics. We’d pinpoint profiles, pages or groups, that are followed by people you’re interested in reaching and encourage them to share your film.


3. Aid discovery

Every piece of coverage secured in a campaign can help aid the discovery of your film. Think of a seeding campaign as creating little signposts around the Internet pointing back to your film, your website, your company generally. How? Well, there is the content itself (e.g. an article created about your film), the social sharing of that article and the long-term SEO benefit of that article.


4. Drive traffic to your website

We regularly work with a network of influential outlets to ensure high-quality coverage is secured and this will include a link to your film and/or a direct link to your website.


5. Reach new audiences

Even if you have a large and established following, reaching new people can be really valuable and lead to new followers, customers and sales. During the planning stages of any seeding campaign, we work to match your target audience to the publications we approach to ensure the coverage you receive is relevant, of value and reaching people who are likely to be interested.


6. Increase social sharing

Depending on your campaign goals we can work on getting your film shared by others exclusively through social media or focus on securing coverage and reap the benefits of the social sharing that comes with that. Most websites, blogs and influencers will naturally use their social media accounts to share any articles or blog posts they create in order to drive their followers to have a look, which is great for your film too.


7. Validate your content

Having your film shared by relevant and respected websites, blogs and influencers help validate it. These outlets and individuals have built up their audience and gained their trust, so if they’re happy to share your film then they believe it’s worth sharing. Essentially, your film will carry more weight if a thought leader gets behind it.


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