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Remote Filming Solutions: Animation

In these uncertain times, we understand it’s more important than ever to ensure clear and effective communication with your teams, clients and customers, giving reassurance that they can still expect an excellent offering from you.

At The Edge, we have produced animations in all styles imaginable, at a range of budgets for clients across many different sectors. We can offer innovative solutions to convey your messages, an effective way to communicate your brand and offering. We’re big fans of animation! Let us share a few reasons why…

Advantages of using animation:

  • A great way to simplify complex and abstract messages
  • The end result is only limited by your own imagination
  • Animation has the ability to pull off hugely creative ideas and themes that you otherwise may not have the budget for with live-action and VFX
  • With no need for actors or expensive locations, animations can be a cost-effective solution for tighter budgets
  • With animation, you are able to approach sensitive topics with tact and empathy that you may not be able to achieve with actors in distressing scenarios

We can work with you to develop your message into an eye-catching, on-brand animated film which conveys your message clearly with the intended tone. We do this by developing drawing styles, characters, locations, colours, script, voice-over and music with you step-by-step – a very detailed approach that has the reflective time a live-action film lacks. Then we are able to storyboard the film for you to approve before we begin the production so you are able to see frame by frame what your film will look like. So, what kind of styles are out there?

2D animation

This style has a fast turnaround if you want to get your message out there in a hurry. Motion Graphics is another term for this style in which the visual mainly consists of text. This is a great option if you have a particularly complex or important message to convey with facts, figures and key messaging with no extra frills or distractions.

3D animation

This style can offer up a more dynamic animated environment with better expression for characters bringing new heights of emotion, allowing you to play on that shock and awe marketing tactic. This is a larger budget requirement – yet highly effective due to the sophistication you can achieve.

Stop Motion

Think crafty. Think innovative. With this style, you are able to create 3D structures with paper, use props and then team with graphics, voice-overs and music. It’s a great way to use textures and play with movement. Not to mention the untapped by-product of a ‘behind the scenes’ film to generate even more traffic and interest to your campaign.

Animation and Live-Action Collaboration

Now yes, live-action in its most common form may not be possible at this time, though it is possible using UGC methods, some forms of Piece-to-Camera. Add in some animation and you can convey those messages that you don’t have the Andy Serkis VFX budget for.

Here are just a few examples of our recent works in every style:

Head over to look at our full portfolio of animation 

The possibilities that animated films offer up are endless. This style of film can be used for any story, any business, and for any length of film. We can help advise on which animation, which style and feel of visuals are best for your company and campaign.

Right now the need to tighten the belt in times of uncertainty is understandable and we’re able to work with budgets of all sizes. We have 30 years of experience and we produce animations regularly for businesses across a wide range of sectors. The Edge is a full-service agency, able to create, host and distribute your content. Get in touch to see how we can help support your communication plans



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