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Case Study: Ahmad Tea

What it Takes



Generations of the same family have grown Ahmad Tea into the global premium tea brand it is today.

A  company founded and run on family values, consistently working together year after year, never compromising on their beliefs and always guided by their shared goals.



To stand out in a crowded market, the CEO wanted a marketing campaign that spoke to a younger demographic while still reflecting the company’s traditional brand values. The campaign had to work across various platforms – web / TVC / longform / social media platforms.

Part of the brief was to disrupt the expected norms of tea advertising and instead present a more authentic and gritty tone that younger consumers would find more interesting…



During our research the tea blenders often described their work as an artform. Creating new flavours and experiences by blending different teas. And to guarantee the best quality, Ahmad Tea tastes the product numerous times on its journey from bush to cup. This art form is not without is arduous process it seemed.

This led us to devising the overall campaign theme of ‘What it Takes…’

What does it take to be an artist?

  • The endeavours behind closed doors in studios or rehearsal spaces.
  • The determination consumers don’t see.
  • The sweat and toil of practice and failure to arrive at that winning piece that people experience and love.

It doesn’t come naturally; it takes hard work. And that’s reflected in the product.

The campaign focuses on three stories of different artists.  Ambitious. Driven. Young. Slightly Alternative. Each striving for perfection. Uniting these stories is the dedication, practice, and commitment that deliver ‘what it takes to be an artist’.

As artists themselves, Ahmad Tea knows this endeavour. Parallel with these stories is that of an Ahmad Tea ‘artist’ tasting and blending teas.




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