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Comms Consultancy: Your Team, Our Expertise

We’re proud to have been making films for over 30 years now! As you can imagine, it’s allowed us to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way – and not just specific to our own film production capabilities.



We’ve worked with clients of almost every kind from across virtually every possible business sector and industry, and we’ve developed key expertise not just in delivering films to these clients – but also in helping their own production teams.

Our three decades of experience in the business, working with some of the most prestigious companies in global business, means we implicitly understand the many communications needs and challenges our clients can come against.



It allows us to offer our services in a Communications Consultancy capacity, working with many of our clients’ internal production teams to help increase their own film-making facilities, enhance their internal processes, and improve their ability to create their own content.


How we can help

In brief, we offer our expertise to deliver:

  • Discovery programmes to assess capability
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Designing workflows and quality control
  • Training and upskilling
  • Helping you recruit right
  • Unlocking potential of user generated video
  • Advice on content for social channels

And what does this look like in practice?

We’re able to help transform a client’s current internal AV department from a reactive service-provider to a proactive champion for film as an effective solution to your company’s communication needs and challenges.



We do this through applying our in-depth production experience to get identify and unpack the challenges at hand, impart the benefits of our award-winning expertise to your in-house teams, and share best practice across the whole production cycle.


How do we do this?

Our process centres on working with you to identify and exploring key ‘problem statements’. We then break them down to their key components and use this as the basis to develop an ongoing development strategy that delivers on its goals.

Let’s take the below as an example of a client’s problem statement:




So now we have the starting point outlining the issue – but how do we answer?

We take the problem and pare it down to what we see as the underlying premise…


So now we’ve identified what we believe to be the key drivers behind the overall ‘problem statement’ – but what next?

We unpack what these key terms mean within the context, and how this translates into developing a coherent plan…




Through this process, we’re able to lay the groundwork to develop a strategy that helps enhance the capacity, quality, and resilience of an internal AV department/function, and ensures they can operate at a higher level than before. We can also use this process to help install a new team, if you’re starting from the ground up, and maximise the value it’ll bring to your communication needs.

Our process aims to deliver internal development strategies that create a virtuous circle where the production of more effective, emotionally engaging, and creatively innovative films drives the demand for more content for both internal and external audiences alike.


We’d love to discuss how we can use our expertise to help enhance your internal film production capacity. From strategy to workflows, quality control to upskilling your people in best production practice, we’re here to help – so please get in touch today.



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