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We’re one of the world’s leading content marketing agencies. We specialise in delivering high-quality content creative advertising to enhance brand awareness for organisations around the world. We’ve made it our mission to deliver great content marketing for clients around the world every day since we first started out in business back in 1991.

Award-winning London-based Creative Agency

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we’ve won nearly 700 international awards during our company’s 30 years in the media industry, awarded by a variety of media bodies around the world. When we say we know how to deliver great content across a range of mediums, you can be sure we’ve got the track record to prove it! We started out as a film production company 30 years ago, quickly realising that we could offer much more than the award-winning film content that helped establish us as industry leaders. We’ve gone on to grow into a market-leading creative agency, applying the same levels of enthusiasm, expertise, and creativity to many other forms of creative content to help our clients reach the next level of success.

The Right Skills to Deliver the Right Solutions

We have a proud history of developing successful content strategy partnerships with clients across the world. We produce a huge array of content marketing services every day for businesses across a variety of sectors, industries, and organisations. Our 30 years of experience gives us the expertise to deliver marketing content services for companies and businesses around the world. Whether it’s video production, social media marketing, email marketing, or website design we have the skills and insight to deliver the right content marketing solutions for you to engage effectively with your target audiences.

Striving for Excellence

From video production to digital marketing content, we pride ourselves on using our international content creation expertise to deliver training films that engage audiences across many walks of life. We’re experts in developing inbound marketing content, whether it’s developing insightful thought leadership pieces, public relations content, or finding ways to enhance your company’s online presence.

Connect With Your Audience

Whether you're a longstanding client or a new prospect, we’re here as a specialist content services and digital marketing agency to help connect you to your target audiences through our expertise in delivering award-winning content marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Strategy Experts
We’re experts in delivering high-quality creative content, and we’re fully dedicated to delivering award-winning films and helping bring your ideas to life through compelling multimedia for use across a wide range of mediums, from social media to email marketing.

Keeping Things in-house
We keep every step of the entire process in-house. From keyword research to website design, our teams work internally, applying our distinctive brand of creativity to the solutions we develop. It ensures us complete creative control of the project throughout and that the final content meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Our People = Your People
Our approach is simple: our people are your people – an extension of your own team who work with you every step of the way. From our managing directors to our production teams, our absolute commitment to high production values in the services we provide is hugely welcomed by all our clients, day in, day out.

A Professional, Creative Team
Everyone at The Edge is an experienced and creative professional, and they’re a huge part of us become a world-leading content marketing agency.

Extensive Media Industry Experience
Working from our offices in London, Doha, Durban, and Vancouver, our people have a wealth of experience gained from across the media industry, having worked across a plethora of corporate and commercial media productions. As well as the experience they gain from working as part of our team, we encourage our people to pursue external qualifications and gain new skills when they can. We’re firm believers in helping them grow their repertoire and enhance their careers, such as undertaking short courses in various media disciplines.

We have worked with incredible businesses

Our clients include:

Maximising Your Content’s Reach

An effective content marketing strategy requires the ability to deliver the right content to your audiences in the most effective way possible. We have the know-how to developing creative solutions that will move your organisation up near the top of search engines, or exciting content that will get traction across all kinds of social media platforms. Whatever your strategy’s requirements, our teams can also provide a range of versions of the multimedia you require to ensure maximum reach.

Rigorous Production Process

Our team of creative individuals is experienced across a wide range of multimedia productions, and we undertake a rigorous production process to maintain quality and avoid scope creep throughout the duration of a project. We also have strict data protection and quality management processes in place to ensure protection of any personal data provided by yourselves to assist in the development of the content solutions.

High Standards to Deliver High Quality

From start to finish, our process focuses on a simple idea: we must deliver high-quality creative content that meets or exceeds the standards expected by our international client-base. We know the standards that are needed to achieve quality and we apply them to every project we deliver.

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So: what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an EMEA marketing director, a communications manager, or a creative consultant looking to develop engaging creative marketing content for your organisation, we’re here to help – and we can’t wait to hear from you!

We look forward to discussing what you need and help you and your people reach new levels of success through our digital content marketing services.