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We're one of the world’s leading corporate video production companies

Based in London, we deliver high-quality service in video production, producing great corporate and commercial corporate films and videos for our clients every day.

Award-winning London Video Production Company

We’ve won nearly 700 international awards during our company’s 30 years in corporate video production. When we say we know how to produce great corporate films and video content, you know we have the track record to prove it. We have a rich history of collaboration with the clients, filming and delivering high-quality corporate films and video productions for corporate and commercial entities for over 30 years. We use this international video production expertise to deliver for clients every day.

Why Corporate Films?

No matter the company, great marketing is about making your brand engaging for your audience – and there’s few more potent tools than a great corporate video. They’re a brilliant, creative way to tell stories and connect with audiences internationally – and they’re the bedrock of our success. We’ve produced films and videos for companies and businesses across the world, so we’ve got the expertise to help deliver branded content to internal and external audiences alike for every kind of organisation imaginable.

International Experience

As a video production agency with international expertise and experience, we’re ideally suited to delivering effective corporate films for small businesses and international corporations, and we’d love to bring these expert services to bear for you too. Whether it’s animation or a live-action video, we pride ourselves on filming and delivering corporate videos rich in creativity that engage audiences across the corporate world. Whether you’re a longstanding client or a new prospect, our video production company is here to help connect you to your audience and attract new business through delivering great films and video content.

London, Born & Bred

We started our journey way back in 1991. When we opened our first office in London, video production in the corporate world was still as young as we were!

As a world-leading video content agency, we’re proud to have our roots in this wonderful city and to have produced so many of our films here. Like countless other creatives, from animation studios to major film houses, we love being part of the thriving media community here. Delivering creative video content for our clients is our passion! Whether it’s an animation or a live-action drama, we take huge professional pride in each project we deliver, no matter the project, no matter the subject matter.

Rigorous Production Model
Our production model has been honed over 30 years and thousands of films produced. We continue to explore ways to enhance it where possible, and It keeps us ahead of the curve as one of the world’s leading video production companies! We’ve developed our production approach to maintain absolute focus on your business requirement – and it sets us apart as a leader in a hugely exciting industry.

A Professional & Creative Team
Our team combines the highest professional standards of service with high levels of production management and creativity to produce great content around the world. Our expert production model is founded on a simple idea: our films must deliver on the standards expected of our clients, day in, day out.

High Standards Delivering High Quality
As a world-class full-service video production company having produced thousands of videos, we know the standards that are needed to deliver high-quality corporate videos of all kinds – from animation to live-action drama – and we apply them to every project we deliver.

Keeping Things in-house
We keep every step of the process in-house, from generating our own creative ideas and filming through to our post-production team and editing. It ensures our producers have complete control of the project throughout and that the final content meets your needs and stays within your budget. Our approach is simple: our people are your people – an extension of your own team who work with you every step of the way. Every member of our team is an expert in video production work and delivering award-winning content, fully dedicated to helping bring your commercial and creative ideas to life.

We have worked with incredible businesses

Our clients include:

Committed to Creativity

Everyone at The Edge is an experienced professional in delivering creative services, and they’re a huge part of us becoming one of the leading production companies. Our absolute commitment to high production values in the services we provide is hugely welcomed by each one of our clients, day in, day out.

From London to the World
As an international nexus, having our headquarters in London means we’ve been able to deliver high-quality video content for an international client-base for over 30 years and counting. We’re supported by our global video production teams around the world in Doha, Durban, Paris, and Vancouver, making us a truly international corporate video production company!

World-leading Video Production Company
We’ve built our reputation as one of the leading production companies by delivering the highest quality of video production services and producing great corporate videos, promotional videos, marketing videos, and brand videos – and more besides!

Staying Up to Date

We deliver for clients all over the world every day, and our teams keep in regular contact to share the latest industry developments across the globe, from filming and editing to studio lighting equipment, animation techniques, and beyond.

Get Your Message Across
As filmmakers with over 30 years of experience working with companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world, we’ve got the expertise to help deliver crucial messages to internal and external audiences alike for every kind of organisation imaginable. We know how to make great corporate videos for small businesses and international corporations alike, and we’d love to bring our expert services to bear for you too!

Maximising Impact
Creating great films and video is vital, but it’s also hugely important to ensure we’re able to deliver it to your audiences in the most effective way possible as part of your company’s media marketing strategy. We deliver powerful digital marketing and social media services that help you share the finished video with internal and external audience.

Maximising Value

Whatever your company’s requirements, our post-production team provide can create a range of versions of your video content to ensure maximum reach and ROI.

Trusted to Deliver
We’ve built our reputation as filmmakers on being trusted to provide the highest quality of video production services and producing great corporate films and video around the world.

Expertise and Experience
Having produced films for clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, we understand the nuances that all kinds of clients need to reach their desired target audience – and we know how we can bring these home to audiences through the power of corporate video.

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