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EDGECAST EP 2: The Importance of Positive Change

In our second episode of Edgecast, we were joined by Tony Danker, former CEO of Be The Business and current Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) as well as Toufic Machnouck, Project Director of East Coast Digital Investment Programme, Network Rail.

Tony has an impressive resume, previous to his most recent roles, he spent two years in public policy for HM Treasury and then went on to work with The Guardian News and Media as first as their International Director and secondly as their Chief Strategy Officer. We talk about how to leverage the collective talents of the workforce, how small changes and a spirit of continuous improvement throughout each individual adds up to sustainable success and the framework strategy for entering into new markets. The combination of his man-on-the ground approach to research and his ability to analyse the big picture has enabled him to aid in the growth of companies from start-up to worldwide.

Toufic alongside his role with Network Rail, is a mentor and a lecturer in Business at universities and colleges across the country. His combination of theory and practical application in his lectures creates an environment in which his students have the freedom to think differently and challenge the norm. We ask Toufic what his key tips for success in business are and how to get the best from your team.

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(This episode was recorded pre-covid, though, it is still very relevant and we couldn’t think of a better time than right now to talk about Positive Change.)

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