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We’re one of the world’s leading educational video companies, producing and delivering high-quality service in education video production since we first started out in 1991. Since our first day in business, we’ve made it our mission to produce great educational video content for clients around the world every day, and to continue to explore innovative and creative approaches to meet the filmmaking challenges of today and tomorrow.

Award-winning Educational Video Production Company

We’ve won nearly 700 international awards during our company’s 30 years in film and video production across the world, particularly for education providers. When we say we know how to create great educational videos, you can be sure we’ve got the track record to back our claim!

Why Work With Us?

We’ve a successful history of partnership with our educational clients which we’ve gained over 30 years in business producing high-quality videos for clients across the world. This international expertise to deliver educational video productions for businesses and companies every day, and we pride ourselves on delivering content that engages audiences across many walks of life.

Here to Help

Whether you’re a longstanding client or a new prospect, we’re here to help connect you to your audiences through our expertise in educational video production. We’re ideally placed to help companies and organisations utilise the power of educational videos to deliver key learnings and vital messaging.

Pursuing the Right Solution

We work tirelessly to develop engaging solutions that stay with the viewer long after the final frame, whether it’s part of a learning programme or a one-off piece to engage with a current issue as part of a wider campaign.

When it comes to creating effective, engaging educational content, it’s hard to look past use of film and video! No matter your company or business, use of educational videos can be invaluable, whether it’s for an internal campaign or for educating students in an external capacity.

Experience Across the Board
We bring our experience to bear across a range of disciplines, including creating films for distance learning, alumni engagement, and filming lectures for students to access online afterwards. Simply put, when it comes to education videos, we have the skills and insight to create effective, engaging content for students or employees alike – and make key learnings stick.

Creative Possibilities
Film and video provide a wide range of creative possibilities that can help add authenticity and character to a campaign in a different manner to many other available options. As experts in educational video production, we can create films in a range of styles, whether it’s through in-depth documentaries, stylish animations, emotive dramas, or one of many other approaches available.

Expertise Through Experience
Our 30 years of experience is integral in giving us the expertise to deliver educational video campaigns for companies and businesses around the world.

Know Your Audience
We live and breathe the educational video production process, and are specialists in creating fresh, engaging content that can help you connect with your intended audiences. We can develop a wide range of different education films for a range of purposes: instructional videos, promotional video, online learning, distance learning, explainer videos, animations, and much more besides.

We have worked with incredible businesses

Our clients include:

A Professional & Creative Team

With offices around the world in London, Doha, Durban, and Vancouver, our team combines the highest professional standards of service with high levels of production management and creativity to produce films and video around the world every day.

Streamlined Production Approach
Our education video production model is founded on a simple idea: we must deliver films and video that meet or exceed the standards expected of our international client-base. We know the standards that are needed to deliver successful educational video film and video, and we apply them to every project we deliver.

Keeping Things in-house

We keep every step of the process in-house, from generating our own creative ideas through to post-production. It ensures us complete creative control of the project throughout and that the final content meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Our People, Your People
Our approach is simple: our people are your people – an extension of your own team who work with you every step of the way. Everyone at The Edge is an experienced professional in delivering creative services and all students of the filmmaking tradition. They’re a huge part of us become a world-leading film production company.

Committed to Delivering Excellence

Every member of our team is an expert in film and video media production and delivering award-winning content, fully dedicated to helping bring your educational video ideas to life. Our absolute commitment to high production values in the films and services we provide is hugely welcomed by each one of our clients, day in, day out.

Quality & Value
Creating great film and video content is vital, but it’s also hugely important to ensure we’re able to deliver it to your audiences in the most effective way possible as part of your company’s educational video strategy.

Meeting Your Needs
No matter the film, whether it’s a live-action documentary or an animation, our post-production team provide can create a range of versions of your films and multimedia content to ensure maximum reach.

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So: what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to hear from you, discuss what you need for your business, bring your marketing strategy to life, tell your story, and help you turn your brand film dream into reality.