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FTSE 100 Financial Results Reporting White Paper

At The Edge we have taken a look at the FTSE 100 and how they approach their bi-annual results presentations.

There is a real variety in approach – and in quality. Some companies have really grabbed the opportunities that creativity and technology offer to deliver results with real panache. The look like modern dynamic businesses that should be attracting investor attention.

At the other end of the scale there are businesses that appear not to care. As a result, they end up looking like businesses that have given up. Why would you want to invest in a business that seems to treat its owners with disdain and looks like it belongs in a bygone age.

However, help is at hand! The Edge is offering a results workshop to help you turbocharge the way you present your results to investors and other stakeholders. Our Executive Director of Investor Communications, Toby Low, will show you what others are doing and then look at what you are doing and why.

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