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Effective Health & Safety Films for Clients Around the World Since 1991

We’ve made it our mission to produce effective health & safety films for clients around the world every day since we first started filming back in 1991. When we say we know how to create great films, you can be sure we’ve got the track record to prove it – especially when it comes to filming health & safety content.

Award-winning Film & Tv Production Company

We’ve won nearly 700 international awards during our company’s 30 years in the film industry, awarded by a variety of filmmaking bodies around the world. We’ve fostered a history of successful film production partnership with clients across the world. We’ve produced a wide range of films dealing with health and safety issues for companies and organisations across sectors and industries spanning the globe. 30 years filming and delivering health & safety content for an international client-base means we have the insight to deliver vital messages in a way that have impact and stay with the viewer long after the final scene.

Health & Safety Insight

Sadly, accidents happen. Thanks to our experience and the expertise we’ve gained, we understand what it means for an organisation to communicate every aspect of health & safety effectively: the importance of risk assessments, how to identify dangerous hazards, injury prevention, how to respond to incidents, maintenance of equipment, on-site safety etc. Our expertise in health & safety means we’re able to help an organisation ensure it meets its obligations in being held responsible for taking care of its people – and that its people know how to take care of themselves correctly as a matter of course.

Film: The Great Communicator

We pride ourselves on using our expertise in filming to deliver great health and safety film productions that connect with the audience and emphasise the vital importance of treating health and safety. Film excels at communicating health and safety issues and risks effectively, and we would encourage any organisation to action films for use as part of their health & safety strategy. Whether it’s a one-off piece outlining risk assessment procedures, an internal course highlighting workplace risks, or an external campaign raising public awareness about hazards or risks, films can help engage the target audience in a way few other mediums can.

Creative Variety

Film provides a wide range of creative possibilities that can greatly enhance a health & safety course or campaign, and it’s a medium we can maintain complete control over from inception to delivery.

As experts in film production, we have the skills and insight to deliver films in a range of styles, whether it’s a documentary, an animation, an emotive drama, or one of many other approaches available.

Know Your Audience
Our 30 years of experience gives us the expertise to deliver effective and engaging health and safety films for organisations around the world. From film set to edit suite, we live and breathe the filmmaking process, and specialise in creating content that connects with your audience.

Keeping Things In-House
We keep every step of the process in-house: generating our own creative ideas, undertaking the shoot, and overseeing the post-production phase. It allows us complete creative control of the project throughout and ensures that the final content meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Our People, Your People
Our approach is simple: our people are your people – an extension of your own team who work with you every step of the way. Our absolute commitment to high production values in the health & safety films we provide is hugely welcomed by all our clients, day in, day out.

A Professional, Creative Team
From producer to editor to runner, everyone at The Edge is an experienced and creative professional. They embrace every aspect of the film set and the edit suite, and they’re a huge part of us become a world-leading film production company.

Extensive Film & Tv Industry Experience
Many of our team have experience working in with TV professionals in commercial film and TV production on major and minor movies and projects alike, and they bring this level of expertise and insight to our productions every day. We also actively support our people in undertaking courses and gaining qualifications to supplement their skills and knowledge should they wish to. Our extensive combined experience also goes into ensuring film production health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do on-site during our film productions.

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High Standards That Deliver High Quality

From pre-production to the final cut, our entire filmmaking process focuses on a simple idea: we must deliver films and video that meet or exceed the standards expected by our international client base. We know the standards that are needed to achieve quality and we apply them to every project we deliver. Creating great training courses is vital, but it’s also important to ensure we’re able to deliver it to your audiences in the most effective way possible as part of your company’s training strategy. Whatever your company’s needs, our post-production team can create a range of versions of your videos and other multimedia to ensure maximum reach.

Rigorous Production Process

Our team of creatives is full of experience of filming across the film & TV industry, and we undertake a rigorous production process to maintain quality and avoid scope creep throughout the whole process, from filming to editing. On every film production and every film set, health and safety issues are of paramount concern. The film set is a busy place no matter the site or location; equipment needs to be looked after responsibly, and people need to feel safe!

Whether it’s a small production in a studio or a major shoot taking place on location, there are potential hazards that can lead to accidents, injury, or harm. To counter this, our teams prep and carry out extensive health and safety procedures to ensure everyone knows their role and is able to stay safe during the project. During pre-production, preliminary tasks are carried out including risk assessments and the creation of call sheets for the shoot, e.g., a breakdown of which scenes are being undertaken on each day, the various equipment required etc.

This allows us to ensure that all feasible risks have been accounted for and that a comprehensive compilation of locations and other key details are available – and contingencies are in place in the unlikely event that something does go wrong or if someone does get injured. This information goes on to feed into the rest of the project management process, ensuring all elements are aligned throughout the duration of a production.

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