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How to: create a Facebook Ad Funnel

If Facebook is where your audience resides then that’s where your spend should be. Funnel marketing is a solid and proven method for Facebook Ads.

The idea is that you create a ‘top of funnel ad’ or TOF to generate brand awareness and engagement. Those that saw or engaged with the ad you retarget with a ‘middle of funnel ad’ or MOF to encourage conversation and consideration. Finally, you retarget those that interacted with a ‘bottom of funnel ad’ or BOF to make that sale. You want to guide your audience down the metaphorical funnel. Your audience will narrow but if you are paying per click its about getting maximum results and ROI.

TOF ads:

Starting at the top of the funnel – these ads are fairly generic and can fall under clickbait but the main aim is to build your audience.

Video is the king of kings when it comes to content marketing, video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. So to grab the attention of your audience, it’s the obvious choice. Keep in mind the following stats when creating your content:

The average watch time per video is around 10 seconds
65% of all Facebook video views come from mobile users
85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off

Newsfeed ad:

The aim is to stop people in their tracks. Stop that thumb scrolling!

So the format and context of your ad are important. Carefully consider your copy, the image or video that you create. Aside from the design, aim to give something valuable away for free. Something that your audience would want or find useful – a taster of your offering.

Lead gen ad:

Or BOF ad. Now you have your initial audience, you can retarget and add a relevant CTA. You’ve got to the last stage in your funnel strategy. How are you going to make that final persuading argument? A one time offer? Consider the copy you are going to use to persuade and what your button will say.

You may want to design a few options for your lead gen ad – vary the copy, images and CTA and text which works best.

Carousel ad:

Or BOF ad. Carousel ads are great to explain different aspects of your offering visually. Or to show different options available. You can even use to show a carousel of customer testimonials or introduce your team.

Hyper-targeted ad:

First, you need to know your audience. There are a few different ways you can do this, and in our opinion, you should do them all. But the most effective is to conduct market research or put out a TOF add and analyse your engaged audience. What are the needs and interests of your audience? Target them.

How? Map out your targeting options before you set up the ad. Ensure that you have hit all audience demographics the content is intended for. You can see every Facebook targeting option here


Of course, Facebook is just one of the many social platforms out there and you first need to address if it is the right one for your campaign. We’ll cover that in a future article. Need an ad strategy for your next campaign? Think that the Facebook Funnel strategy would be the ideal fit? Get in touch



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