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Missing Traditional Sports?

You may have noticed shortly after the football and virtually every other sport was cancelled, the F1 esport started running. We had to blink a few times as it looked so real, but sure enough, we were watching virtual F1 racers fly around a familiar track. Our usual excitement for sport seemed confused at first, but you do really start to embrace it!

eSports is a multi-million pound industry with more sponsorship from big brands pouring in every year. The eSports industry has grown to an estimated value of around $138 billion dollars. If you’re anything like us, we had to dive in to find out what else we can watch. If you’re a newbie, here’s a couple of links to whet your appetite:

Experience the thrill of following a driver in F1 Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix – Landonorris – Grand Prix –

F1 racing

And take a look at, the world’s largest esports news website, and catch the Dexerto Talk Show, the industry’s leading esports podcast featuring a new, high profile guest every week:

I’ll let you know if we’re converted, we may soon be writing about our Counter-Strike offensive game!



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