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More Edge Success at the Globees: ‘You Are Mitie’!

We’re thrilled to report that ‘You Are Mitie!’, our eLearn for Mitie (the British facilities management company), has won two Golds at this year’s edition of the Globee Business Awards in ‘Achievement in Customer Service & Support Communication’ and ‘Achievement in Use of Video for Learning’!

We’re incredibly proud of both awards, with the former continuing our legacy of delivering great customer service solutions, and in the case of the latter, it’s 3rd year running that we’ve won Gold in this category following in the footsteps of ‘Disability Matters’ for Network Rail in 2022 and ‘Workplace Violence’ for Openreach in 2021.

‘You Are Mitie!’ is an innovative digital learning solution we developed with our clients at Mitie to deliver a new high-quality customer service training framework across the company’s 68,000-strong workforce. It aimed to change the minds of many employees who didn’t recognise how their behaviour can affect clients’ customers and employees, and it’s been a huge success, helping Mitie reach more people more quickly and effectively than more traditional learning methods and with minimal operational impact.

You can watch a trailer for the eLearn below:



We’d like to thank our client team at Mitie for trusting us to deliver an impactful and effective course to help achieve the change they needed, and long may it continue to be a success!



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