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Quality Assurance Policy

The Edge’s success has been built on evolving management systems, which have been designed to meet ISO9001 standards.

In 2014, we were awarded full ISO9001:2008 accreditation – this has since been reissued to incorporate ISO9001:2015 certification. Our certificate can be found overleaf.

We have a custom-built production and document management system and tracking processes.  These have been designed to monitor every aspect of the production process. All our crews are professionally trained and professional in their attitude. Health & Safety is uppermost in all our minds when filming on location.

Professional companies maintain all our equipment, and in the unlikely event of tape or equipment failure, our insurance covers the cost of re-shooting. The Edge has £10m public liability insurance to cover all eventualities – in our 27-year history, this has never been required.

Raw files / rushes are held at The Edge on our clients’ behalf; in the event that anything should happen to us, these tapes would be forwarded to the relevant clients immediately. We are a market leader in our field and have proven our stability with regular growth over the last 20+ years.

In recognition of working for clients throughout a range of industries from Oil & Gas to Construction, we have undergone assessment by Achilles UK to assess Health & Safety, Environmental procedures, and Quality, and scored highly on each (as per our most recent assessment).

We also have our own Edge document management System.


SIGNED: Pete Burrows

JOB TITLE:  Operations Manager

DATE:  17.01.2020

REVIEW DATE:  17.01.2021


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