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Labversity Barclays


Barclays developed the “Labversity” program to help its senior retail and high street banking leaders adapt to the changing digital landscape and evolving customer needs.

The film aims to make a compelling case for change, inspiring leaders to adopt a new mindset and behaviours. It challenges them to break away from traditional desk-bound practices and get out into their communities to build relationships.

Leveraging the concept of “change blindness,” the film conveyed the underlying message that failing to respond to change can lead to being left behind. This creative approach was designed to galvanise and surprise the leaders, leaving them with an open mind ready to engage with the rest of the “Labversity” program.


Executive Producer - Alex Amos
Producer - Dave Wright
Production Manager - Kat Chattwell
Creative Director - Nick Canner
Director - Ian Gray
Director of Photography - Pablo Rojo
Sound Recordist - Chris Davis
Art Director - Ieva Petraviciute
Props Master - Joe Harrison
Make-up Artist - Sarah Scott
Editor - Josh Bower


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