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Disability Matters Network Rail


‘Disability Matters’ eLearn course for Network Rail aimed to reshape employees’ attitudes towards disabled passengers and colleagues through compelling storytelling and authentic voices. Extensive use of film brought the learning to life, featuring disabled actors portraying real passenger experiences and highlighting the social model of disability – that barriers in the environment disable people, not their impairments. The immersive scenarios put learners in the shoes of those with disabilities to build empathy.

Disabled subject matter experts guided the development of the eLeaning course, ensuring an inclusive tone to avoid stereotypes or pity. The realistic stories resonated, giving voice to disabled people’s perspectives. Early feedback praises the course for driving attitude and behaviour changes through its powerful storytelling approach focused on removing societal barriers.

Awards received:

  • EVCOM London Film Awards – GOLD – Learning & Development
  • Globee Business Excellence Awards – GOLD – Achievement in Accessibility & Disability Management
  • Globee Business Excellence Awards – GOLD – Achievement in Use of Video for Learning
  • Learning Excellence Awards, Winner in Design, Content Creation & Video



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