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Vulnerable People Network Rail


Around three-quarters of trespassers on Network Rail property are ‘Vulnerable People’. Despite Network Rail’s duty of care, trespassers are often stigmatised as being “up to no good,” disregarding their state of mind. This film depicts a near-miss incident, urging the viewer to think things are going horribly wrong despite protocols being followed accurately.

The film subverts expectations by challenging how people jump to conclusions based on surface-level evidence. By employing first-person and third-person points of view, the film portrays the distress of a vulnerable trespasser and the adherence to protocol by NR staff. This juxtaposition encourages viewers to empathise with the protagonist, fostering a more respectful and less judgmental approach when interacting with trespassers in the future. Ultimately, the film aims to promote understanding and empathy towards vulnerable individuals while emphasising the importance of proper protocol in handling such incidents.


Executive Producer - Pete Stevenson
Producer - Jack Coulter
Self-shooting Director & Editor - Mark Blackman
Scriptwriter - Nick Canner
Camera Assistant - Rebecca Doctor
Production Assistant - Sawan Nair
MUA - Robynne Pimlett-Kin


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