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World Cup Accessibility FIFA World Cup Qatar 2020 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ was undertaken as a joint venture between FIFA and Qatar 2022 Local Organising Committee who oversaw all aspects of the World Cup in Qatar.

This film explains best practices for World Cup volunteers when providing help and assistance to members of the public with disabilities.

Having extensive experience of producing content that explores disability and accessibility, we believe that any content focusing on exploring these issues must be led by the voices of disabled people themselves.

We enlisted the help of 3 experts with disabilities who live in Qatar to feature as key speakers. Working in tandem with a World Cup volunteer character without a disability, our film highlights the importance of seeing the person, not the disability, and how volunteers can best provide support to disabled fans by allowing them to decide whether they require any assistance or not.


Executive Producer & Director - Jamie Riordan
Producer - Poppy Clinton
Production Manager - Karim Gad
Production Manager - Karen Abou Jaoudeh
Director of Photography - Vedran Strelar
Focus Puller - Amr Al Masri
Assistant Camera - Zied Haddar
Sound Engineer - Georges Souaidan
Gaffer - Hassan Ashahou
Editor - Daniel Marques


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