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Revisiting ‘Finding Patience’

There are many things we love about what we do at The Edge, and creating work with a lasting legacy is high up the list!

A few years ago, we made the 2-part series, ‘Finding Patience‘, for the NHS to help raise awareness about the different ways dementia can affect sufferers:




By 2051, over 2 million people in the UK are estimated to develop dementia, and almost a third will live in care homes. Person-centred care allows people to live well with dementia and is made possible by the health and care professionals who support them.

Developed by Health Education England, ‘Finding Patience – The Later Years‘ is an educational film designed to raise awareness of how dementia can affect people differently. It encourages health and care professionals to reflect on the care they provide and calls for the delivery of care to focus on the individual, not the disease.

We just heard that the UK’s Open University is using it within a course for students studying for a BA (hons) in Health & Social Care. The title of the module is called ‘Critical Perspectives on Mental Health in Society‘ in which students explore and critically reflect upon mental health, and the relationship between this and the society and environment in which a person lives.

It’s always incredibly rewarding to know one of our projects continues to have a long-lasting impact, and we hope it keeps on helping health professionals, both aspiring and current, as they continue to deliver their vital carework across the UK.




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