Spotlight On… Ellouise Champion

Welcome to the latest edition of our Spotlight On… series. For October, we’re paying a visit to our fantastic Operations Supervisor, Ellouise Champion.



Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Ellouise!

Why did you join The Edge? What stood out to you? Have you a background in Film or Television?

I joined the Edge as I was ready to take the next step in my career and the creative environment really stood out to me. My degree is in Performing Arts although, all my working life I have been within corporate recruitment so I had a lot to learn about the industry.

Can you give us an idea of what it is you get up to at The Edge?

My job involves many hats but in a nutshell I look after everyone and ensure we have the right person for the job at all times. Whether this is assigning Producers to big drama shoots or having one of our Production Managers organise castings and locations.

Another important part of my role is HR which means I make sure staff are well rested and are developing at a good pace, ensuring we are consistently feeding their creative minds.

Finally I head up a lot of our events here with the help of our amazing Marketing team with oversight from the boss, of course. This year we’ve had a lot of new and fun events and we’re currently planning lot’s more for the future which I find is the really exciting part of my job.

It was World Mental Health Day last week. As you’re HR (or near enough), how do you look after the wellness of The Edge and its employees?

A massive influence on anyone’s mental health is wellbeing; if you are not getting enough rest you will become burnt out and in turn your mental health will suffer. Part of my job is to track staff absences, planned or unplanned. I encourage staff to take a day’s rest, even if they are busy. I also believe having fun events to look forward to can really benefit someone who is struggling. It means they have a conversation starter with their peers and also know they can network in a safe environment.

How much has mental health become a factor in the work environment today?

I think in the last few years especially, working environments have had to really step up and understand that staff members sometimes need that bit of extra support. We’re at work more than we are at home some weeks and often you’ll spend more time with your colleagues than your loved ones so it’s vital that we create an open-minded space for our staff, where they feel comfortable to share ideas and speak up for themselves.

If times get tough, it’s important for employees to have someone in the workplace they can trust. How would someone go about developing that atmosphere of trust?

I think we are very lucky here at The Edge that we do have a family atmosphere already in place and an open door policy with all our senior staff. Being a part of this industry, we are all team players because that’s what we need to get our jobs done. I think trust is something you build over time but simply being there and being a friendly ear is a great way to start. If someone is looking a little spaced out or simply not being themselves, ask them if they are okay. They may not want to talk to you there and then but at least they’ll know the door is open for a chat whenever they may need it.

What things are in place at The Edge to help keep employees’ mental health in balance? Do you think they have a positive effect? Why?

We are all huggers, and it’s a proven fact that hugs help! As I say, knowing that as employers we encourage days off and letting your hair down this really helps with the morale around the office. We also always ensure there is teas, coffees and snacks on site –  money troubles can also lead to issues with your mental health so knowing that there’s always something in the kitchen can really lighten a burden that someone may not want to talk about.

Some great, useful points there, thanks. Stepping away from Mental Health now, give us three words which sum you up to a tee.

Bubbly, Organised and Kind.

You’ve just won the Euromillions jackpot. Apart from sharing the winnings with everyone at The Edge, what would your plans be?

A lovely holiday and then invest the rest in properties!

Spiderman or Batman? A film or a TV episode? Sweets or chocolate? Biscuit or cake? Hot or cold? Cats or dogs?

Spiderman. TV episode. Sweets. Biscuit. Cold. Dogs x1000!

Finally, give our audience your top tips for keeping your mental health in check.

Exercise – I know when you’re having a bad day the last thing you want is to get your gym gear on and get on the treadmill but honestly, a quick 30-minute workout will do wonders for your mental health. It doesn’t need to be the gym, it could be swimming, a long walk or even going out dancing with your friend – just keep moving.

Talk – Having conversation with friends and family (even if not related) really does help, you can catch up on your day and share stories which will take your mind of things.

Positivity – I have this saying “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”. By this I mean be positive; even on your worst day there will always be a positive even if it’s something as simple as brushing your teeth, having your favourite dinner or making the bus on time. Be around people who are positive and it will rub off on you. Never let one bad day affect the rest.

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