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Award-winning Training Film Production

We’re one of the world’s leading film production companies, producing and delivering high-quality training films for organisations around the world. Quite simply, we’ve made it our mission to produce great films for clients around the world every day since we first started out in the film industry back in 1991. When we say we know how to create effective, creative films, you can be sure we’ve got the track record to prove it!

Award-winning Film & Tv Production Company

As experienced industry professionals, we’ve won nearly 700 international awards during our company’s 30 years in the film industry, awarded by a variety of filmmaking bodies across screen industries around the world.

Taking Pride in Our Work

We have a successful history of filmmaking partnerships with clients across the world, producing a huge array of high-quality training films for businesses across a variety of sectors, industries, and organisations. We pride ourselves on using our international filmmaking expertise to deliver training films that engage audiences across many walks of life.

Striving for Excellence

Whether you’re a longstanding client or a new prospect, we’re here to help connect you to your audiences through our filmmaking expertise in delivering award-winning productions. We work tirelessly to develop solutions that stay with the viewer long after the final scene, whether it’s part of an external campaign or an internal training course.

Film & Video: The Ideal Training Tool

Simply put, when it comes to the creation of training films, we have the skills and insight to deliver effective, engaging courses for students or employees alike.

Use of feature-length pieces or short films for training can be invaluable, whether it’s for an internal campaign or for educating in an external capacity – and provide a brilliant solution for any development manager looking to enhance their organisation’s training content.

The Possibilities of Film
Film and video provide a wide range of creative possibilities that can help add authenticity and character to a training course in a different manner to many other available options. As experts in film production, we can create films in a range of styles, whether it’s through telling a story through in-depth documentaries, stylish animations, emotive dramas, or one of many other approaches available.

Know Your Audience
Our 30 years of experience gives us the expertise to deliver training films for companies and businesses around the world. Whether it’s screenwriting, filming, directing, or editing, we live and breathe the filmmaking process. From camera to final cut, we specialise in creating fresh, engaging training courses – screenplays that make every scene count and connect with your intended audiences.

Keeping Things in-house
We keep every step of the process in-house: generating our own creative ideas during the screenwriting process, directing and cinematography during the shoot, and the post-production phase, including editing, visual effects, sound design, and audio mixing. It ensures us complete creative control of the project throughout and that the final content meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Our People, Your People
Our approach is simple: our people are your people – an extension of your own team who work with you every step of the way. Our absolute commitment to high production values in the films and services we provide is hugely welcomed by all our clients, day in, day out. Everyone at The Edge is an experienced and creative professional, and they’re a huge part of us become a world-leading film production company.

We have worked with incredible businesses

Our clients include:

Experts in Filmmaking

As producers, directors, and editors alike, every member of our team is an expert in film production; filmmakers fully dedicated to delivering award-winning films and helping bring your ideas to life through compelling scenes and cinematography.

Extensive Film & Tv Industry Experience
Many of our team have experience working in with TV professionals in commercial film and TV production, serving as line producers and as other vital roles on major and minor productions alike. As well as the experience they gain from working as part of our team, we encourage our people to pursue external qualifications and gain new skills. We’re firm believers in helping them grow their repertoire and enhance their careers, such as undertaking short courses provided by various TV industry production guilds around the world.

High Standards That Deliver High Quality

From pre-production to the final cut, our entire filmmaking process focuses on a simple idea: we must deliver films and video that meet or exceed the standards expected by our international client base. We know the standards that are needed to achieve quality and we apply them to every project we deliver, in line with those of production guilds around the world.

• Rigorous Production Process
Our team of creative individuals is full of experience of practical filmmaking across film and TV, and we undertake a rigorous production process to maintain quality and avoid scope creep throughout the duration of a project. During pre-production, preliminary tasks are carried out including risk assessments and the creation of call sheets for the shoot, e.g., a breakdown of which scenes are being undertaken on each day, ensuring that all risks have been accounted for and that a comprehensive compilation of locations and other key details are available. This information goes on to feed into the rest of the project management process, ensuring all elements are aligned throughout the duration of a production.

• In-house Edit Suites & The Latest in Post-production Technology
We maintain a set of high-end edit suites in our offices, maintained by an experienced post-production team accustomed to working with the latest industry technology.

• The Latest in Post-production Technology
Whether it’s Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, we have access to the latest technology to ensure we can deliver high-quality content to you in an appropriate format for your specifications and to meet your needs.

• Committed to Our Community
As well as being committed to enhancing our own business in a sustainable, responsible manner, we place huge emphasis on giving back to our communities and helping them grow and develop.

• Supporting Future Generations
We’re keen advocates of working closely with local schools and developing partnerships with higher education bodies. We offer work placements for students to come and experience a professional working environment for those looking to find their way into the film & TV industry.

• Quality & Value
Creating great training courses is vital, but it’s also important to ensure we’re able to deliver it to your audiences in the most effective way possible as part of your company’s training strategy. Whatever your company’s needs, our post-production team provide can create a range of versions of your videos and other multimedia to ensure maximum reach.

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