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Uncomplicated – Tech Stories

By Steve Songaila, Sales Director, The Edge


At The Edge our passion is storytelling. Of course, we also take pride and joy in creating great film as after all we are a film production company. Our mission is to tell our clients’ stories in a relevant way that excites them and connects their chosen audience with their brand or project. You could say a skill and a passion that is one of the oldest. Our work is increasingly with that most modern of industries – Technology.

Which unsurprisingly to us at least have the most traditional of needs. When the coding is complete, when all the beta testing has been exhausted and the wraps are off, their story has to be told. Using some examples of our recent projects, here’s how we do it at The Edge.


Pinn – Identity

Pinn is pushing the boundaries of secure authentication; an essential for all of our connected worlds. The challenge was how to ensure complex technology could be explained in two minutes.

The message – the most unique of all elements of an authentication system is you the user. We worked with Pinn to focus on this message and create the concept of – just be yourself. This is essentially the core of Pinn’s approach. Their technology will evolve – but you won’t change.

We analysed where and how the film would be used and felt that an animation with few words would be ideal for the social media channels that would form the platform for connecting with potential customers. These results could then be measured easily and effectively, with a great example being that ‘Identity’ has now been viewed over 150,000 times on Vimeo.


Deloitte – Companies Like Yours

Deloitte was looking to ensure that awareness of cyber security was moved to a higher priority in the minds of their clients and even potential clients. In their own words, ‘Deloitte has created a short film to illustrate the complex topic of cyber security and help organisations understand the huge impact a cyber-attack could have’.

The message was clear that companies had to take cyber security more seriously and it could happen to anyone, even in companies like yours.

We felt that the audience would be more traditional and therefore a dramatic presentation was appropriate. In effect, a mini drama was produced as this can be very effective in ensuring a message is conveyed without falling into the trap of talking at people rather than taking them on a journey.

To date the film has won multiple awards in a variety of different ceremonies including:

2 x Gold at the New York Festivals (Best Direction, Best Script)

2 x Gold at the IVCA Awards (PR, Professional Education)


National Crime Agency – Teenage CyberCrime

More and more teenagers and young people are getting involved in cybercrime. Many do it for fun without realising the consequences of their actions – but the penalties can be severe. The National Crime Agency required a film to form the centerpiece of a campaign to raise awareness about the growing issue with teenage cybercrime.

Using comedy, we appeal to parents to be mindful of what their teenager could potentially be doing on the computer. It needed to be easily accessible for a wide ranging audience. Therefore the central idea we proposed was to focus on a family unit with proud parents. A scenario that a large section of the population could identify with.


Our strategy was to break down the message into three elements:

Understanding – Our aim was to help parents understand that they should be involved with their children’s activities online.

Need – The need identified by the NCA that parents were unaware of the digital and cyber implications of their children’s activities.

Change behaviour – By guiding the viewer to the conclusion that not to intervene or be aware of their children’s online behaviour could have dire consequences.

The spokesperson of the CyberCrime film Richard Jones (Prevent Operational Team Manager) gained 104 mentions, which represented almost two-thirds of coverage to a potential reach of over 40 million people. The film also reached 50+ regional publications, with the likes of BBC News Online, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, The Mirror, Yahoo News, Daily Star and Scotsman. ‘Cyber Choice’ was posted on the National Crime Agencies YouTube and Facebook channels. Within the first week, Facebook reached 200,000 views and YouTube reached 40,000 views.


So there we have it. A few great examples of how our films explain complex technology themes in a way that everyone can understand, achieving the highest impact possible.



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