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Remote Filming Solutions: User-Generated Content

In this time of fragmented teams and remote working, it’s more important than ever to keep your people informed and reassured where possible.  At The Edge, we’ve been developing remote filming solutions for the past 30 years, and offer fast-turnaround options to enable key messages to still be delivered in this time of need.

User-Generated Content or UGC is not only cost-effective and has a fast turnaround but is a very effective form of communication when executed well. UGC is created by taking user generated footage and perhaps stock images, adding font graphics, animation, voiceovers or music to further narrate the message. There are a several different styles of UGC, check them out below…


Apple’s recent film for International Women’s Day is a great example of a high-grade campaign communicated effectively using UGC. We can help to design and choreograph a film, then enlist employee volunteers to deliver the shots we need. It’s a deeply collaborative process which can produce fantastic results.

8 Asks for the 8th is an example of how we have used user-generated content to get a message across, no matter where the contributors were in the world. In collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, we worked with women on the front line of humanitarian aid to tell the international community what needs to be done to end violence and discrimination against women and girls, even in the most challenging situations.


Skype Style Interviews

Desk-to-desk video solutions offer a low-cost way to capture global input without the need for travel. We have a vast amount of experience in setting up interviews via Skype and recording it our end. The advantage of this approach is that it’s low-cost and quick to get out there, possibly even on the same day where needed – so that regular updates are easy to achieve.

How does that work? This could be scripted or take the form of a structured interview.  We then take the content and edit into its appropriate form, adding captions, logos, your existing company footage, footage from our extensive archive, or purpose bought stock images or video where appropriate.  It would then be uploaded via your preferred distribution channel or we can host and distribute on your behalf.


Podcasts can be another great way to communicate, with no filming required.  We would approach it the same way as a Skype interview, but only record the audio.  The Edge’s podcast series – EDGECAST is a great example of what we can produce.


In short – you shoot, we edit. We can work with your employees remotely and assign detailed yet easy-to-understand filming instructions on what to shoot, how to make it look good and support them while they’re filming. We then collate all footage, edit into vivid, personalised films with added options to use voiceover narratives, font graphics, music and even animation.

In the run-up to Sport Relief, a group of BT volunteers travelled to Mwanza in Tanzania to see first-hand how Comic Relief and The Supporters Club is helping to improve lives in the region. We set them a simple task – to record on their smartphones.  Using a tried and tested process, they sent the material to us and we edited it together into a cohesive whole.



Right now the need to tighten the belt in times of uncertainty is understandable and we’re able to work with budgets of all sizes. We have 30 years of experience and produce User-Generated Content films on a weekly basis for businesses across all sectors. The Edge is a full-service agency, with the ability to create, host and distribute your content. Get in touch to see how we can help support your communication plans:



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