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We’re still filming in Lockdown 3.0

Throughout this period we’ve been able to continue working seamlessly with our clients and continue to produce content for many global clients, whilst adhering to lockdown regulations.  Once again, in Lockdown 3.0 we have adapted our strategy and factored in the current situation and only film where permitted, doing so safely, whilst managing the associated risks. A dedicated Edge team continues to monitor the situation with safety protocols in place to safeguard everyone involved. We keep crew sizes low and film in venues where there is sufficient space to socially distance.

We’ve addressed the everyday processes which are central to what we do, and adapted accordingly. These safeguards do have an impact on filming, e.g. remote casting, travel, the length of the shooting day, crew size, how we apply make-up and dress talent, how we provide crew meals etc. But we have a robust plan that works & we continue to make award-winning films. Our writers are raring to go, our production teams are PPE’d up, our editors are all set up in home offices and our social media distribution team have their fingers on the buttons.

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