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Film Driven Learning

The Great Persuader: Making learning stick

The Powerful Impact of Film in Learning

At its best, film changes the way learners feel and has the ability to profoundly impact learners, evoking emotions that captivate their attention and ignite a desire for them to lean in and want to find out more.

There’s a favourite line we use when we talk about learning: ‘Telling people things is overrated’. But, ‘Telling’ is the wrong verb. We need to persuade – to compel the learner not only to intellectually understand but also to emotionally buy into why this topic matters to them.

Because of this, we call film ‘The Great Persuader’ in the realm of learning.

Founded on a strong belief that the expertise that made us successful as a film business had a direct relevance to learning, we applied this to produce learning for our clients that is engaging, focused, and often a more concise learning experience for our clients. By leveraging the persuasive power of film, we deliver delight to learners and tangible value to our clients.

  • AR+VR
  • Global Annual Training
  • ECCS
  • Data Protection
  • Attitudinal Training
  • Annual Code Of Conduct
  • On-boarding New Joiners
  • Disability & Accessibility Management
  • Health & Safety

Overcoming Barriers to Adult Learning

Adults face unique barriers to Learning, including lower brain plasticity. ‘Telling’ us things generally doesn’t work. So, we need to think differently.

Traditional methods of imparting knowledge through passive lecturing or one-way communication often fail to resonate with adult learners, whose cognitive abilities and learning styles have evolved over time.To overcome these barriers, we must embrace innovative approaches that actively engage learners and tap into their emotions. By encouraging active participation and fostering emotional connections, the messages and concepts become more deeply ingrained.

Through powerful storytelling, compelling visuals, and thoughtful pacing, film can transport learners into different worlds, perspectives, and scenarios, allowing them to empathise, relate, and internalise the lessons in a profound way ultimately leading to a deeper understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Making Learning Stick
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"By encouraging people to engage actively with a subject, emotion makes messages stick far better.”

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