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We’re storytellers with purpose

We’ve been crafting award-winning, thought-provoking films since 1991. We’ve never stopped evolving, adapting and responding to an ever-changing world, always with a relentless focus on our audience.


We open eyes & change minds

With a presence in London, Doha, Durban, Vancouver, and Paris, we have been delivering unforgettable moments with a long-lasting effect for a diverse range of clients, from governments to businesses and charities. Our global footprint allows us to connect with audiences across cultures and borders, crafting narratives that resonate universally while respecting local nuances and sensibilities.

At the core of our philosophy lies a deep belief in the power of film as ‘The Great Persuader’ – a medium with a unique ability to reshape audience perceptions and evoke profound emotional responses. We understand that true impact is achieved not merely by conveying information but by creating experiences that resonate on a visceral level, challenging preconceptions and inspiring action.


Joining Forces with Zinc Media Group

In 2022, The Edge joined Zinc Media Group, a powerhouse in factual television, brand, and audio content production. This partnership expands our reach, connecting our award-winning films with broadcasters,
streaming services, digital publishers, and unparalleled resources.

Renowned for its journalistic rigour, Zinc produces high-end access documentaries, series, and docudramas for major UK and US broadcasters, including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Netflix, HBO, and National Geographic. Our partnership with Zinc amplifies our capabilities, particularly in international documentary distribution.

Our relationship with Zinc will give us an added edge, especially with access to in-house expertise for international documentary distribution.

A Prestigious Portfolio of Awards: A Legacy of Excellence

A Prestigious Portfolio of Awards

Now in our 33rd year, we boast an enviable track record of award-winning work from major award festivals in Cannes, London, New York, Hamburg, and Chicago. We’re incredibly proud to be the only company so far to be named New York Festivals TV & Film Awards’ Production Company of the Year Worldwide (for 16 years), a milestone achieved in partnership with our parent company, Zinc Media Group.

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Pushing Boundaries, Inspiring Change

If you seek to make your message seen, heard, and deeply felt, we are here to make it happen. With our expertise in crafting compelling narratives, our passion for cinematic excellence, and our commitment to pushing boundaries, we are poised to create extraordinary experiences that leave an indelible mark on your audience.

Our storytelling prowess extends beyond mere entertainment; it is a catalyst for change, a force that inspires action and ignites a desire for a better world. Through our films, we aim to challenge societal norms, spark conversations, and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience in all its complexity and diversity.

We believe that storytelling has the power to transcend borders, bridge divides, and unite people from all walks of life. It is this belief that fuels our passion and drives us to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of cinematic storytelling.

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Some of the brands we work with:

If you seek to make your message seen, heard, and deeply felt, we are here to make it happen.


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