5 Steps to Making a Great Product Demo Video


The app demo video has become a powerful marketing tool and it’s often the first image seen in an App Store profile, or on a product landing page. According to Hubspot, 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. So odds are, get the video right, and you’ll be seeing those user or subscription numbers rising.

Short form video follows the same principles of effective storytelling, it’s just condensed. Essentially, you’ve got around 30 secs to explain who, what, what for, why, reason… and then at the end, fit in a strong call to action. We love creating compelling form, no matter what length of time we have to operate within. Whether it’s one energetic video or several to be released over time, we’ve pulled together 5 simple steps to help you get thinking about how to approach your demo video.

  1. Identify and set your goal

Are you after subscriptions, outright purchases or just more awareness. Remember, the average video is 30 seconds long, so knowing what you want your customer to do after watching is key. Better yet, tell them what you want them to do!

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  1. What does your audience know about you?

Are you completely new to the market or is this an upgrade? Are you a new concept or a rework of a well-known concept? What type of person are you appealing to and what frame of mind will they likely be in when watching your video? Understanding your audience will shape the key messages you need to put across or reinforce.

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  1. Build a compelling story

Decide how you want to communicate with the audience and lead them towards your goal. Are you highlighting pain-points, dispelling preconceived notions or taking a different approach. Your uniqueness comes from why you’ve created your app or service. What compelled you to invent. Let that be the fire that drives your purpose and let people know.

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  1. Choose a style and stimulate the audience

Using real people builds emotional connections and utilising a readily available workforce can build trust. Animation allows you to create any type of scene or environment and bring more creativity to the video. Identifying your budget early on will highlight your limitations for approach, but it shouldn’t limit creativity. Striping away the fluff will leave the core message available for all to see. Simplicity can be beautiful. Complexity can be beautifully mesmerising.

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  1. Build a compelling script

Ultimately your script should lead to the goal you identified. Break your script down into 3 parts, the opening, the middle and end – the why, the how and the what. Ensure each section meets your specific goals. Aim to keep the video around 30 secs. Decisions on tone, pace, key messages and style should have become apparent from the steps above. Try variations of the script on a test audience and see which one gets the best reaction.

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