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Employment Policy

About the Policy

This employment policy covers all aspects of the relationship between employee and employer.

This policy is designed to work in tandem with both The Edge’s employment contracts and our policies on fair and impartial recruitment.

Our contracts and policies are designed – at the very minimum – to meet relevant employment legislation and regulatory standards – and ideally exceed them.

After a fair and impartial selection process, the following will take place:


The Employee will:

  • Read and sign an employment contract upon acceptance;
  • Aim to do their best at all times;
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures.


The Edge Picture Company will:

  • Give a contract to every employee;
  • Be non-discriminatory on the grounds of sex, race, age, religion or disability;
  • Conform to statutory regulations and agreed best practice

To ensure that these policy aims are understood, employees are requested to take their contract home and spend a few days reading it and not to sign until the content is fully understood and any queries have been clarified by the General Manager.




  • Job Title and Description.
  • Commencement Date.
  • Probation period – for new employees only
  • Remuneration
  • Expenses
  • Hours of work
  • Place of work
  • Holidays and holiday pay
  • Notice
  • Sickness and Sick Pay
  • Performance
  • Pension
  • Private Medical insurance and life cover


General Information:

  • Business Travel insurance
  • Maternity Rights
  • Parental Leave
  • Paternity Rights
  • Code of Ethics
  • Outside business interests
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Jury and Court Appearances
  • Accepting gifts
  • Reporting Misconduct
  • Security
  • Intellectual Property
  • Security Keys
  • Records
  • Dress
  • Telephone and internet use
  • Monitoring and interception of communications
  • Health and Safety
  • Smoking policy
  • Drugs policy
  • Policies and procedures
  • Data protection
  • Personal property
  • Liquidation for reconstruction or amalgamation
  • Grievances
  • Disciplinary rules and procedures
  • Collective agreements
  • Waiver
  • Cancellation and amendments


Appendix 1 – Disciplinary Rules and Procedure

Appendix 2 – Grievance Procedure

Appendix 3 – Drugs Policy

Appendix 4 – Health and Safety policy

Appendix 5 – Environmental policy

Appendix 6 – Escape Route



The employer will ideally take references from:

  • The last employer and if that role was for a duration of less than 2 years then we will, where possible, also require references from a previous employer as well
  • If a potential employee does not have a work history then we will accept character references from teachers, lecturers or other individuals in a position to offer such information


Documentation Needed

The employer will need:

P45 or P60

  • National Insurance Number
  • A passport showing the holder is a British citizen or a citizen of the UK and Colonies having the right of abode in the UK.
  • A current Biometric Immigration Document (Biometric Residence Permit) issued by the Home Office to the holder indicating that the person named is allowed to stay indefinitely in the UK, or has no time limit on their stay in the UK.
  • A current Immigration Status Document containing a photograph issued by the Home Office to the holder with a valid endorsement indicating that the named person may stay in the UK, and is allowed to do the type of work in question, together with an official document giving the person’s permanent National Insurance number and their name issued by a Government agency or a previous employer.


Staff Information Form

  • To be populated by employee i.e. any allergies, birthdays, next of kin etc.


For production staff

Dependent on production position they will receive either:

  • Producer’s Guide
  • Production Manager’s Guide
  • Production Assistant Guide
  • Runner’s Guide


New Employees to be shown

  • Buildings Fire Escape Route and meeting point
  • Use of key fob
  • Signing in and out book


Resourcing Planning and Management

  • Forecast software is used for resourcing planning and management tool. This software helps to indicate when additional employment may be required.
  • Sage HR software is used to manage HR documentation and log employment performance, appraisals, development process and goal setting.
  • Regular constructive feedback on all members of staff is encouraged to help employee growth.
  • Appraisals are minimum yearly but with junior members of staff quarterly mini appraisals take place.


Monitoring Staff

At each year end, the monitoring of attrition rate and have a board level discussion to discuss any trends appearing. Any worrying cause of attrition is dealt within board level.


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