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Environment & Sustainability Policy

The Edge Picture Company has long been committed to the principles of sustainability and positive action on the environment.

We continually develop and improve our environmental policies, practices and performance and have been doing so for over 15 years.

As a leading corporate film production company, our environmental policies form a key part of our business practices and we strongly believe in leading our industry in environmental best practice.

We’ve become the first company in our sector to become PAS2060 Carbon Neutral accredited and pride ourselves on accounting for all of our emissions. Clients can be assured that any unavoidable emissions produced during film production process are offset at no additional cost.

We take steps to identify, prioritise and manage our environmental risks, both directly through consumption and disposal of resources within our operations and indirectly through those arising through our supply chain.

We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance and enlist the support, suggestions and participation of our employees and clients as part of our commitment.

In 2013, we enlisted a world leading provider of carbon management and offsetting services and put carbon reduction at the heart of our business. We became a responder to the Carbon Disclosure Project and achieved PAS 2060 accreditation officially recognising us as a carbon neutral company, two years ahead of our planned goal.

Some of our past and current undertakings include setting achievable reductions on energy consumption, water, transport, and waste.

Within The Edge we require:

Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation in the countries in which we operate

  • Integration of environmental impacts  into business decisions
  • Collaboration with relevant key suppliers to deliver gradual improvement in the environmental performance of our supply chain
  • The setting of targets on key aspects of our environmental performance and for them to be reviewed periodically

The Company is committed to on-going monitoring and annual review processes, so that continual improvement in the management of our environment systems can be achieved.


Carbon Disclosure Project

As a responder to the Carbon Disclosure Project clients can easily discover the environmental impact of work undertaken on their behalf and we’re very proud of our 2013 CDP score of 92B.

CDP 2013 Disclosure Score (Out of possible 100)

Disclosure Scores are an assessment of the quality and completeness of a company’s response; they are not a measure of a company’s performance in relation to climate change management.


Company Name Disclosure Score Graph
CDP Supply Chain Average 49 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


CDP 2013 Disclosure Score Categories

Our Disclosure Score comprises the categories below. Each category has a possible score of 100, but is not equally weighted.


Category Name Disclosure Category Score Graph
Emissions Reporting & Management 86 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Supply Chain Emissions Reporting & Management Average 47 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Supply Chain Strategy, Risks & Opportunities Average 37 IIIIIIIIIIII


CDP 2013 Performance Band

Where a company’s total disclosure score is 50 or more (shown above), the response is also assessed and ranked in a performance band. The assessment looks at actions in the reporting year that contribute to climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency.  The performance scores are expressed as bands (A, A-, B, C, D, E).


Company Name Performance Band
CDP Supply Chain Average C





In 2013, we achieved the Silver standard from our waste disposal company, which was subsequently improved up to Gold standard in 2017.

A certificate regarding the latter achievement is included below along with our current recycling record over the last 12 months. (Please see overleaf.)

We continue to look for ways to improve our performance where possible.




  • For the last 10 years we have used technology that allows us to turn off all power to the office overnight so no equipment is left on standby apart from essential IT equipment
  • We have replaced environmentally unfriendly air conditioning with systems that use less polluting gasses and lower power, managed from a central control unit to ensure efficiency
  • We have installed energy efficient lighting throughout all of our premises
  • The bathroom facilities are fitted with water saving devices
  • The kitchens have water-filtration devices fitted to the mains water supply in order to reduce bottled water consumption
  • When designing our new premises we worked closely with the architects to make the building as energy efficient as possible and have seen considerable reductions in our energy use since moving premises. Energy meters are installed on every floor so we can monitor consumption in detail
  • We operate a range of schemes to offset the carbon emissions produced by our servers and production processes through world leading carbon offsetting companies


  • We are working to achieve a zero landfill goal
  • We recycle all suitable consumables used within the business – including all paper, card, plastic, metal glass.
  • We endeavour to produce print material on recycled stock whenever possible.
  • All unwanted tape and film stock is recycled cutting down on the use of toxic chemicals used in the creation process.
  • Obsolete technology including computers, monitors and phones are recycled using charitable organisations whenever possible.
  • We have a large storeroom which we use to hold props from our films, reusing items wherever possible.


  • We encourage the efficient use of vehicles and public transport wherever possible, including the use of hybrid passenger cars.
  • We offer clients the option to offset the carbon produced by any flights we take in the production of their films. Recently a client offset 177,000 miles of air travel equating to 20 tonnes of carbon.
  • We participate in the government’s cycle to work scheme, which promotes healthier journeys to work and reduces environmental pollution. The scheme allows The Edge as employers to loan cycles and cyclists’ safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit, this is proving very popular amongst employees and we have seen nearly 20% of staff commuting in this manner.


We encourage digital delivery of finished goods to cut down on packaging, transport and emissions produced creating DVDs, CDs, and video tape.


We meet all current UK legislation, legal requirements, and regulations as the minimum standard.

Bright Ideas

  • We encourage staff to use alternative means to meeting such as teleconferencing whenever possible, especially for international meetings. We have introduced web cams to every desktop to encourage the use of video conferencing.
  • We encourage all our suppliers to use sustainable resources and have their own environmental policies in place.


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