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Whether you have children at home and want to retell the magic of L. Frank Baum’s Oz series or you are just a lover of classic fantasies yourself – get lost in the Emerald City. Here we have listed every book in Baum’s original series, two of which you will be more familiar with than others as they were made into VHS hits!

If you still want more after these tall stories fear not – there are 29 more books written by a collection of other authors after Baum’s death. Find the complete list of works here.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Written 1900
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The story chronicles the adventures of a young farm girl named Dorothy in the magical Land of Oz after she and her pet dog Toto are swept away from their Kansas home by a cyclone.


The Marvelous Land of Oz
Written 1904
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The Marvelous Land of Oz begins not long after the final scenes in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and follows the adventures of Tip, a young boy, whose guardian is the witch, Mombi. Intending to frighten Mombi, who is returning from a trip, Tip creates a man out of wood, topped with a pumpkin for a head. Not at all frightened, Mombi shakes some “powder of life” onto the tall figure and then captures Tip and threatens to turn him into a marble statue come morning. Tip escapes with “Jack Pumpkinhead” and they travel to the Emerald City.


Ozma of Oz
Written 1907
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The novel begins as vacationing Dorothy Gale and her Uncle Henry board a steamship bound for Australia. Dorothy falls overboard during a violent storm and, along with a yellow hen named Billina, drifts away in a large poultry crate. They arrive on the shore of a strange land and discover that Billina is able to talk. Lunch pails grow on trees and there are strange creatures known as Wheelers, with wheels instead of hands or feet.

As they travel through the land of Ev, they meet Tik-Tok, a mechanical man, and are captured by the head-changing Princess Langwidere. Ozma of Oz comes to their rescue, along with old friends, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. In order to rescue the royal family of Ev, Dorothy and her friends must travel to the land of the Nome King. Readers also meet the Nome King, Roquat the Red, for the first time. After more adventures, Ozma officially names Dorothy a Princess of Oz.


Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
Written 1908
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Dorothy Gale is on her way to see Uncle Henry in California at Hugson’s Ranch. She joins her cousin Zeb for a ride in a buggy drawn by a horse named Jim. An earthquake opens a crevice which they fall through, ending up in the land of the Mangaboos, strange vegetable people who blame Dorothy and Zeb for damaging their glass dwellings. Jim and Dorothy’s cat, Eureka, are able to talk and so Dorothy knows that once again she is in a fairyland. While there, a balloon falls from the sky, and Dorothy meets her old friend the humbug Wizard of Oz.

Escaping the Mangaboos, the companions travel through the beautiful Valley of Voe, which features invisible people and marauding bears, meet the “Braided Man” in Pyramid Mountain, and fight the hideous, winged, wooden Gargoyles. After a few further adventures, Dorothy uses the magic belt she’d captured from the Nome King, and they arrive at the Emerald City, where, among other happenings, Jim the cab-horse races the Sawhorse and Eureka the cat undergoes a trial for apparently eating one of the Wizard’s nine tiny piglets.


The Road to Oz
Written 1909
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While taking a walk with her dog Toto, Dorothy Gale meets a wandering hobo known as the Shaggy Man, who carries the Love Magnet. As they walk together, the road split into seven paths and they decide to take the seventh. In short order, they meet a lost little boy named Button Bright and Polychrome, daughter of the Rainbow, who danced off the edge of the rainbow as it disappeared.

The four companions proceed to a variety of adventures, including visits to Foxville and Dunkiton, where intelligent foxes and donkeys live, respectively. A couple of the friends undergo transformations. Eventually, they must travel across the Deadly Desert in order to reach Oz in time for Ozma’s birthday party on the 21st of August. The party includes a great number of guests, including many from Baum’s other fantasies, such as Queen Zixi of Ix, John Dough, Chick the Cherub, and Santa Claus.



The Emerald City of Oz
Written 1910
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Dorothy and her impoverished Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are on the brink of losing their Kansas farm. Consequently, Ozma invites them all to live in the Emerald City. They then explore the countryside, visiting a series of strange beings including the Cuttenclips, the Fuddles, the Rigmaroles, the Flutterbudgets, and the residents of Utensia, Bunbury and Bunnybury.

Aunt Em and Uncle Henry also meet old friends like the Wizard, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, Jack Pumpkinhead and H. M. Wogglebug T. E. The travellers’ idyll is brought short by the plot of an old enemy, the Nome King. Seeking revenge for the loss of his magic belt, the Nome King has an underground tunnel built so he can invade and plunder Oz and enslave its peoples. Our friends manage to defeat the Nome King and his allies, but sobered by this threat, Glinda and Ozma decide to cut off Oz from the outside world forever.


The Patchwork Girl of Oz
Written 1913
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A Munchkin boy named Ojo the Unlucky lives with his Uncle, “Unc Nunkie,” a man so reticent that uttering two words is a long speech. They are starving and decide to visit an old friend of Unc’s, Dr Pipt, who demonstrates the “Powder of Life” and the “Liquid of Petrifaction,” which unfortunately turns Unc Nunkie into a marble statue. In order to create the antidote, Ojo must travel throughout Oz in search of the rare ingredients. He travels with the Patchwork Girl named Scraps, animated via the “Powder of Life” and a variety of “Brain Furniture,” and along the way, he finds help from others, including Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Shaggy Man.



Tik-Tok of Oz
Written 1914
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Queen Ann Soforth of Oogaboo, a small monarchy separated from the rest of Oz’s Winkie Country, sets out to raise an army to conquer Oz. Betsy Bobbin, a girl who is a year older than Dorothy Gale, and her loyal mule Hank are washed ashore during a storm and arrive at a large greenhouse that is the domain of the Rose Kingdom. Just as the Royal Gardener is about to pass sentence on Betsy and Hank, the Shaggy Man falls through the greenhouse’s roof, and charms the Gardener into sparing all of their lives with his Love Magnet. They leave, taking with them the newly plucked Rose Princess Ozga, a cousin of Ozma, the ruler of Oz. They meet up with Polychrome the Rainbow’s Daughter, and they rescue Tik-Tok from the well where the Nome King had tossed him. Tik-Tok, Betsy, Hank, the Shaggy Man, Ozga, and Polychrome to their chance encounter with Queen Ann and her army.


The Scarecrow of Oz
Written 1915
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Cap’n Bill, a sailor with a wooden peg-leg, and his friend, a little girl named Trot, set out from California on a calm day for a short ride in their row-boat. A freak whirlpool capsizes their boat and pulls them underwater, where they are carried by mermaids to a cave. They are soon joined by a flying creature called an Ork. Passing through a dark tunnel out of the cave, the three arrive at an island inhabited by a grim man calling himself Pessim the Observer. They run into Button Bright, the boy from The Road to Oz who has gotten lost again.

The gang plan to head to Oz, on their way they stop off in Jinxland, which is a nearby land cut off from the rest of Oz by a range of high mountains and a bottomless crevice. The kingdom has had a turbulent recent history. The rightful king of Jinxland, King Kynd, was removed by his prime minister Phearse, who was in turn removed by his prime minister Krewl who now rules over the land. An unpleasant but wealthy citizen named Googly-Goo seeks to marry King Kynd’s daughter, Princess Gloria; however, she is in love with Pon, the current gardener’s boy, who is the son of the first usurper Phearse.



Rinkitink in Oz
Written 1916
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When the jovial monarch sails for a visit to the island kingdom of Pingaree, he and his talking goat, Bilbil, are welcomed with open arms. Before long, Rinkitink’s lighthearted ways and merry songs endear him to the king and queen of Pingaree, as well as to their son, Prince Inga. But when the peaceful isle is invaded by fierce warriors, everyone from the rulers to the smallest child is taken off in chains. Only Prince Inga, Rinkitink, and Bilbil escape the conquerors. And so the three friends set out—aided by the magical Pearls of Pingaree—to rescue the prince’s people.


The Lost Princess of Oz
Written 1917
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Dorothy and her friends set out to comb all of Oz, not only for magic stolen from Glinda and the Wizard, but also for the kidnapped princess, Ozma. Along the way, they explore regions never seen in other Oz books, meeting strange and interesting people and animals, and falling into peril more than once. It’s a desperate mission – for if the thefts are all linked, then it means that some magician unknown to them has acquired powers beyond any available to them now. How will they find him? And how will they conquer him? Not one of them knows – but with continuing faith that goodness will triumph, they march forth to try.


The Tin Woodman of Oz
Written 1918
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Join the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow as they journey across the fantastic magical Land of Oz in search of the Tin Woodman’s long-lost sweetheart. In a series of adventures sure to thrill Oz fans both old and new, these beloved friends face such challenges as a selfish giantess and a group of quarrelsome dragons–all to fulfill a promise made long ago to a beautiful Munchkin girl. The Tin Woodman sits on the glittering tin throne of his splendid tin castle, ruling the Winkle Country of the Land of Oz with the help of his best friend, the Scarecrow. All is peaceful and well, but when a young wanderer named Woot asks the Tin Woodman how he came to be made of tin, the emperor recalls his days as a flesh-and-blood woodchopper and his love for Nimmie Amee, a Munchkin girl so fair that the sunsets blushed when they fell upon her.


The Magic of Oz
Written 1919
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While searching for special birthday presents for Princess Ozma of Oz, Dorothy, the Wizard, and the Cowardly Lion discover a treasonous plot. In addition to familiar faces from previous Oz stories, this exciting and amusing tale introduces a host of new characters, including the Glass Cat, the Hungry Tiger, little Trot, Cap’n Bill, and others.



Glinda of Oz
Written 1920
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Princess Ozma and Dorothy travel to an obscure corner of the Land of Oz, in order to prevent a war between two local powers, the Skeezers and the Flatheads. The leaders of the two tribes prove obstinate. Unable to prevent the war, Dorothy and Ozma find themselves imprisoned on the Skeezers’ glass-covered island, which has been magically submerged to the bottom of its lake.

Their situation worsens when the warlike princess Coo-ee-oh, who is holding them captive and who alone knows how to raise the island back to the surface of the lake loses her battle and gets transformed into a swan, forgetting all her magic in the process. Ozma and Dorothy summon Glinda, who, with help from several magicians and magical assistants, must find a way to raise the island and liberate its trapped inhabitants.





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