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What Makes a Good Social Media Film?



Creating a film for social media isn’t like creating a film for your website or for internal use.

There isn’t a captive audience who’ll be happy to sit and watch the film from beginning to end and remember every detail.

Instead, there are…


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And it’s the Scrollers your film needs to win over.

You probably know the type: someone passing the time by flicking through their social media feed in the vague expectation that they might stumble across something interesting.

The goal(s)?

Grab their attention, stop them scrolling, get them to watch your film, like it, and share it!



One easy way to approach a social media film is to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. After all, most of us are probably Scrollers too – so we recognise what works!

Simply put, what would make you lift your thumb from the phone screen, watch something, like it, and share it?

We’ve made quite a few films that have made an impact online in recent times – and you can watch some of them here – so we’ve wanted to share a bit of our expertise on the matter.

Drumroll please…


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…here are our Top Tips for making great films for social media!


  • Start with a hook: something impactful like a call to action, a question, or a punchy image – this will help draw your audience in
  • Keep it short: we’re all time poor these days! Say what you need to say in 30 seconds or less
  • Make it bold: if you’re using text on screen make sure it’s large enough to be read on a phone. Colours can also help you stand out from the crowd and grab attention
  • Don’t cram in messages: The only thing that matters here is the essence of what you’re trying to say. One single message with a call to action is all you need!
  • Reach the right audience: Organic seeding can work well in some instances but to guarantee better results targeting (paid for) seeding is the way to go – there’s no point creating a fabulous film if it never gets in front of the right people
  • Accessibility: Your film needs to be read and understood by everyone; think about subtitles or a purely visual narrative that will help you be inclusive and communicate with the broadest audience possible


Nowadays, a good comms campaigns is spread across internal and external channels with multiple assets making up the overall package, whether it’s pre-existing brand material or new content.

We’ve talked here in general terms about creating new films for social media channels, but if you’re going down an alternative route, e.g. creating a cutdown of a longer film to share online, our Top Tips still apply.

And with that, we’ll wrap things up here for now.

That just leaves us to say: go forth – and stop the Scroller!

If you’d like to chat through any of this with us, get in touch! 😊


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